If you ask almost any designer who their biggest critic is they will likely tell you it is them. I know this is definitely true for myself. The second thing that goes hand-in-hand with this is that because I am a designer, I can’t justify hiring a second party for something I could do myself. As a result of this, I have spent 4 weeks slowly working away on my logo, sometimes walking away from it for days out of frustration. However, I have finally reached a design that I am happy with and wanted to share my personal logo design case study for your inspiration!


The first stage for my personal logo design project was brainstorming and sketching. I’ll write down keywords, draw mind-maps and really just scribble down anything that comes to mind.

Digital Roughs

Next I took the standout ideas and went to the computer to convert my chicken scratch into something resembling an actual logo. Everything is left in black and white so that color does not distract me from the basic forms. I then isolated my top two designs (#1 and #3) and moved on to the next step.


From the last stage I decided that #1 was the strongest logo and I proceeded to add color to it.


My Final Personal Logo Design

After a back and forth, love-hate relationship of a couple weeks I finally ended up with a finished design that I was happy with.