Coal Creek Coffee Co. was created in 1993 in the form of a traditional American coffeehouse. It was purchased by John and Jodi Guerin two years later. The success that followed is the result of the hard-working hands of this creative couple. Some serious renovations took place on the dilapidated building in Laramie, Wyoming’s historic downtown, before it could attain the world-class reputation the coffeehouse holds today. With a driven focus on coffee culture, fine foods and all around quality, the Guerin’s became members of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) in 1997.

The Project

The project given to us is to re-brand a coffeehouse. We had to re-brand their logo. We also had to complete and mock-up all projects related to the coffee re-brand assignment. These include: gift bag with label, coffee box, k-cup, coaster and cup.

Re-branding and Brainstorming

The re-branding of the logo was very challenging because I really didn’t have
anything to work with. However, that didn’t stop me for researching a little bit about the location of my coffeehouse. The information that I have gathered from my
research helped me a lot as well as the name of coffeehouse. Once I had an idea in mind on what my logo would be I started with the re-brand process.

Old Logo

There were many attempts that I took to create my final logo. I had many elements
added as well taking out. To create what I picture in my head. There were few times where I was stuck however that never stop me from creating something new.

Final Design

With all errors and attempts I had  I was able to come up with a solid design.