“Testament of a Dreamer”

Dear Reader. I’m Kanema Miller, a multimedia designer. I also create pen – and- paper illustrations and paintings. I am a person who has high passion in design technologies, art, and illustration. One of my dreams is to master all the design technologies and become one of the TOP designers in the world, and now, I am working my way towards that dream.

I didn’t start out as a designer. I first started out has a boxer because of my friend, however, it just didn’t felt right to me. But when I became a designer I felt like a whole new world just open up for me. Ever since I became a designer I have won several awards, create websites for companies, did some designs for weddings and parties, and even help teach a class.

I love my work and enjoy each new project as I get it. Feel free to have a look at my portfolio and don’t hesitate to contact me if you think I can be of service to you.

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